Gazebo Cost Guide: How Much Does it Cost to Build a Gazebo?

Interested in buying a gazebo?

But you are not aware of the cost and charges it comes with, right? We are here to guide you throughout the process. In this Gazebo Cost Guide, various points will be covered that influence the cost of your gazebo.

A gazebo is an outdoor space that can be used in summer in the backyard having latticework or climbing vines and roses which serves as an ideal venue when it’s too hot to sit inside and serves as a shelter from light rain.

What you will spend will depend on those factors as well as where you will build it. Labor charges vary dramatically from area to area, as do material and delivery.

  • Choose the gazebo that fits your needs, space, and style
  • Decide the location and where the gazebo will be the most useful.
  • You can place it close to your house and have dinners
  • You can put it at the end of the garden for great views
  • Contact utility companies if you need to dig for the foundation of your gazebo
  • This ensures there won’t be any damage to the pipework
  • Get in touch with your local planning officer
  • This will help you find out regarding the permission process if there are any
  • Get in touch with a regional gazebo expert
  • This will help regarding specialist and professional guidance and costs.
  • Have a check-around for reasonable and affordable costs
  • Work with an expert and skilled person who gave the necessary credentials and professionalism.
Gazebo Cost Guide

Cost of Gazebo

The cost of a gazebo depends excessively on the quality of the materials used, the size, the number of added screens, the design, and the level of installation. All of these variables and the location of the construction will affect how much you will pay. Other than that, labor costs, material, and delivery costs vary from place to place.

There are two options, you can build a gazebo from scratch which many find difficult then the second option is to buy a gazebo instead. Homeowners prefer to add a new accessory rather than building and physical labor.

Cost of Building a Gazebo

Various costs come with building a gazebo if you are interested in building a gazebo from scratch.

There are many steps involved while constructing a gazebo, from planning to designing, hiring experts and professionals, and selecting the construction method and materials. In addition, the construction phase is time taking and is not budget-friendly.

Building a gazebo in your backyard may cost more and vary directly depending on the size, materials used, style and design, and many other aspects. A more flexible budget is required if you wish to add a custom garden feature rather than purchasing one.

Cost of Buying a Gazebo

Buying a gazebo is becoming a common choice among homeowners for their garden dressing. This is more convenient than hiring a professional, planning a strategy, and starting from scratch. All you need to do is thorough market research before buying and having complete knowledge about the product that best suits you and your home.

Buying a pre-made gazebo saves your time and the hassle of construction and is a less expensive option than building a gazebo. Other than that, the costs of a pre-made gazebo might vary based on amenities and size. Hiring a professional or contractor will add extra charges if you are unaware of the installation process.

Materials Is Used For?

The total cost of your gazebo depends on the material you use while constructing it. Aluminum and brick are the most affordable option, whereas, vinyl, steel, and cast iron are among the most expensive option.

Brick Gazebo

The brick gazebo is one the cheapest option to consider as it can retain heat efficiently, which makes them ideal to use in chilly areas to retain heat well.

Metal Gazebo

The metal gazebo that comes in aluminum and wrought are among the cheapest metals whereas steel is more expensive as compared to metal.

The three most popular kinds of metals are used to construct a gazebo:

Aluminum: using aluminum you will spend less on labor as it is portable, lightweight, and easy to operate. But, aluminum does not work well in harsh conditions.

Iron: iron gazebos are more durable and require less maintenance and when compared to wrought iron they are more expensive. Anti-rust coating is necessary as iron is more prone to rusting.

Steel: the steel gazebo are pricy metal but they are sturdy, stable, and durable. They can withstand harsh weather as well. Do make sure that the steel has an anti-rust coating so they are protected against rust and corrosion.

Wood Gazebo

Wood gazebos come in different wood categories with pine and bamboo being the most affordable options and tropic and cedar being the most expensive option. The wood more in price tends to hold better against harsh weather conditions.

There are some most popular wood options available in the market, such as:

Pine: they are well-liked due to their low cost and abundant availability, pine is not as resilient as other wood options, but for a prolonged life, make sure to pressure treat it.

Bamboo: another economical wood gazebo option is the one made up of bamboo. They do not last long but bamboo gazebos are prone to harsh weather and they are vulnerable to structural damage.

Cedar: cedar is the most expensive option to opt for in your gazebo than pine and bamboo but cedar is more durable. Many cedars are naturally weather-resistant as well as insect-resistant.

Vinyl Gazebos

Vinyl gazebos are typically low-maintenance but they are difficult to repair.

Factors Determining the Cost of a Gazebo

Gazebo Cost by Size

While estimating the cost and budget of the gazebo, it is an important factor to consider the size of the gazebo. a gazebo larger in size will require more labor and more material that adds more expense to the original cost.

Gazebo Size Custom-Made Gazebo Cost Pre-Built Gazebo Cost
8×8 ft. $4,000- $5500 $900-$1200
9×9 ft. $6,000-$8,200 $1,300-$1,750
10×10 ft. $8,300-$9,900 $1,800-$2,270
12×12 ft. $10,000-$11,500 $2,300-$2,860
14×14 ft. $11,600-$16,000 $2,900-$3,500

Whether you are installing a pre-made gazebo or building it from scratch, you can pay less if the final product the framework is on the smaller side.

Gazebo Cost by Shape

When it comes to the cost of your gazebo, shape also plays a crucial role in determining the price, the shape of your gazebo might make all the difference. Choose an octagonal or hexagonal pattern if you don’t want a boring design.

Gazebo Shape Gazebo Cost [Approx.]
Round/Oval/Rectangular $3,500
Hexagonal/Octagonal $5,000
Dodecahedron $10,000
Walled $15,000

You can also try out other shapes as well if you are interested in a simple layout such as a pentagon shape, it also uses few materials and is less complex as compared to octagonal and hexagonal. Consider the shape before selecting which type suits you as the cost associated with these various designs vary accordingly.

The layout and design of a pre-made gazebo are not much different from the one that you build yourself. The only difference between them is the construction process.

Cost of Construction Materials

While determining the cost of your gazebo, the building materials in the key aspect and the most important part to add to your list. There are various materials including wood, metal, steel, and other material can be used to establish this structure.

Gazebo Construction Material Gazebo Cost [Approx.]
Wrought iron $3,000
Brick $3,500
Aluminum $4,500
Bamboo $4,800
Pine $5,000
Cast Iron $5,300
Red cedar $6,000
Vinyl $7,000
Steel $8,000
Reinforced Concrete/Brick $10,000

The material you select does have a big influence on the total cost. The materials range from simple to expensive one.

Cost of Roof Materials

The material of your gazebo has a big impact on how your gazebo will look. There are a lot of options you can choose from so you do not have to spend a lot of money on the roof.

Gazebo Roof Materials Roof Cost [Per Square]
Shingle $80-$120
Tile $100-$150
Wood $275-$350
Metal $300-$500
Glass $400-$800
Polycarbonate $700-$1,000
Slate $1,000-$2,500

While making such an investment, it is crucial to analyze the cost per square foot for shingles against glass and slate. But, if such options do not meet your objectives, you should look into other options. The gazebo size also affects the final cost of the roof.

Built-in Seating

A built-in seating area having seats is a distinctive characteristic of a gazebo that is ideal for relaxing. Despite being part of the frame, the building cost should be taken into account when establishing your budget.

Gazebo Bench Material Bench Cost [Per Bench]
Wood $60-$120
Tile $50-$85
Metal $65-$95

Depending on the material and size, these benches cost different amounts, however, if you modify these bench sizes, the cost will also vary.

Labor Cost

Another important feature to take into consideration while determining the cost of your gazebo is the cost of labor. While constructing a gazebo in your garden, with a low budget, the labor cost will be double it.

It will cost you money to install an opulent, high-end garden gazebo with all the bells and whistles. But, if you are comfortable with a ready-made structure, the total cost will not include additional installation charges.

Gazebo Permit Cost

You should plan additional costs for a permit while deciding the gazebo’s total budget, even though gazebo licenses are pensive and many states do not require them. The typical cost of a permit depends on the size and location of your gazebo. Before you put this into your budget, verify with the concerned authorities.

Cost for Additional Features


The screening and netting added to your gazebo will have an extra and significant impact on your total budget and the cost of the gazebo. screening kits’ cost depends on the quality and the size of the aperture. On the other hand, the netting costs slightly more depending upon per panel.


Your garden gazebo will become the point of attraction if it has a stunning and well-lit exterior. The lighting system may range according to the density and the number of lights used. It is a necessary addition and you should make sure that you have the best possible element in your gazebo.

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Electrical Outlets and wiring

Electrical outlets and wiring should be installed if are interested in your garden having an extra amenity such as lights or ceiling fans. It will cost a good amount to install the safest wiring and electrical outlets.


This Gazebo Cost Guide reveals that building a gazebo can be more challenging and expensive as compared to buying a pre-made gazebo. Building a gazebo requires more time, work, and energy that the ones that can be purchased from a store.

A gazebo is a delightful and tranquil location that you can enjoy while being outdoors that can enhance your garden and allows you to relax peacefully while enjoying nature.

A gazebo provides a focal point to your garden, it can provide you with a desired cozy place, a quiet place to relax, a place to enjoy your morning tea and you can also enjoy your dining outdoors. It is crucial to understand the requirements and the costs involved while choosing to install to build such a structure.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1). Does building a gazebo cost more?

If you want to construct a gazebo from scratch, there are several expenditures involved.
Building a gazebo involves several procedures, including planning, designing, hiring specialists and experts, and choosing the building technique and materials. Additionally, the construction phase takes a lot of time and money. It can cost extra to construct a gazebo in your garden.

2). Does a gazebo add beauty and value to your outdoor sitting?

The majority of gazebos come with additional features such as electric power and a kitchen while being a stand-alone building having a roof and a floor. If properly build and maintained, they can increase the value of your home and they are an extra lavish structure that you can add to your home. The addition of a gazebo adds an aesthetic touch to your outdoor area that can be an extra sitting area for your guests and offers a significant return on investment.

3). Do you need a permit before installing a gazebo in your backyard?

Even though gazebo licenses are expensive and many jurisdictions do not require them, you should consider them as additional fees for a permit when determining the gazebo’s overall budget. The location and size of your gazebo will determine how much a permit typically costs. Verify with the relevant authorities before including this in your budget.

4). What are some additional factors that come with a gazebo?

In addition to the basic requirements, the price of the gazebo increases if it comes with furnishing, hot tubs, a lighting system, a fire pit, and a kitchen. These factors contribute to the overall price of your gazebo. Before installing a gazebo, it is recommended to have professional advice so that you can have the latest and most appealing price and gazebo for your backyard.

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